Policy and procedure for updating charge master

Other items that may not be found are custom items or new technologies.The CDM is not necessarily a useful document for consumers who are "comparison shopping" between competing hospitals because the descriptions for a particular service could vary from hospital to hospital.

If you have questions regarding the charge accuracy of your bill, please contact our customer service unit at 858-499-2400.

For example, one individual may require only a one-day hospital stay for a particular procedure, while another may require a two-day stay for the exact same procedure.

If you need an estimate for a specific procedure, please have your physician contact the hospital with the information and our financial counselors will work with you and your physician to develop and estimate for the service.

Since 1990, HMA has provided compliance and clinical data quality services to more than 1,600 hospitals and 20,000 physicians, and now also provides online solutions via the Internet.

After examining their charge description master management processes, HIM professionals, in conjunction with clinical and support departments, redesigned and automated several practice aspects.

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